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Monday, May 22, 2006

Good, Bad, Ugly  
The Good:
My school is awarding me Honors Extraordinary in my division. I think this certificate is given to one person per division chosen by the dean and faculty of that division. So that's cool.

The Bad:
I haven't bled yet. 28 days would've been Friday. Over the last seven months (yes I keep track) I've averaged 25 days. Which would've been last Tuesday. Today is day 31. This is not good.

The Ugly:
The sewer backed up into our tub last night. Yeah, nice. So we stayed in a hotel nearby. Plumber's coming today. Hopefully it'll be habitable tonight.

This is what makes life so difficult for me, being pulled in all these different directions. It's hard for me to be happy, proud, terrified, dejected and disgusted all at the same time. Added to which, it's a Monday, it's raining, and I didn't sleep well.