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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Auld Lang Syne  
I feel sorry for these tourists from Michigan and Germany and wherever else, coming to LA for New Years, probably to see the Rose Parade. Expecting the preternatural sun they always see on the TV broadcasts of the Parade. Then they get here, after saving up and getting the time off from work, and instead of blue skies, they get rain. It's supposed to rain all weekend, right through to the Parade on Monday.

As we were going to breakfast this morning (more like lunch by that time, we left about half past 11) it occurred to me how strange it was that we were going to eat at an outdoor restaurant (Marcel at Farmers Market) in the rain. So LA. I had french onion soup and a glass of Prosecco. The rain actually made it feel more french. Sitting under an awning at an outdoor cafe eating french onion soup and crusty bread, sipping Prosecco in the rain.

We got a couple donuts on our way home and some groceries for the weekend from Trader Joe's. I made some Peets Holiday Blend coffee in our french press. Now we're watching football in our pajamas, nibbling donuts and sipping coffee. Very cozy.

Later we'll have salmon and green beans for dinner, watch Coldplay on Austin City Limits on PBS, and sip pink champagne. A fine way to see out the old year. So long 05.