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Monday, November 14, 2005

So Anyway  
Thank god that election nonsense is finally over with. Ugh! I enjoy politics, but not in excess.

We had the first party at our place last weekend, for my husband's birthday. I got five more art prints framed and hung. We spent most of that week after work tidying up and all day Saturday cleaning and setting up. I got all the food and wine at Trader Joe's. We made a party mix on four CDs; over four hours of eclectic music. My husband still listens to one of the CDs in his car. It turned out to be a pretty good party, if I do say so myself. Except we drank too much and got sick. I was worse off than my husband. We didn't drink a drop for a week after that. And probably won't be tasting any hard liquor for some time. Bleh! The best part of having the party is that we get to enjoy our newly clean and decorated place long after the guests have left. Notes for next time: two cases of beer are not enough; two bottles of wine are not enough; nobody drinks white wine. To sum up - three bottles red, three cases beer.

Our 5th wedding anniversary was Friday. Here's how we spent the day. My husband went to work in the morning and came home a little after 10. We took my car to the dealership (couple broken sensors $250). We went to Jerry's Deli in Westwood for a late breakfast. We tried to go to LACMA, but the parking was a mess. We decided it was too crowded to bother and went to the Grove instead. Did a little shopping (Anthropologie - nothing fit right; Barnes & Noble - two books, one magazine; Lucky Jeans - tee for hubby, tee for father-in-law). Saw Wallace & Grommit - excellent. Came home.

Saturday we went to a beginning archery class in Pasadena. It's free and they provide all the materials. Two hours later I had a gnarly bruise on my elbow from the string hitting it. As I got tired my form got sloppy and I wasn't rotating my elbow out of the way. I was so sore the next day. My poor little upper body muscles didn't know what hit them. We had a great time, it was really fun. They have a class almost every Saturday. I would go this weekend, but we're going to my brother's graduation ceremony instead. He's going to be a pastry chef.

Sundays we don't go out. That's Football Day. Ditto Monday night. I loves the football.

I bought these earrings from Deen Miele. They came in the mail today and they're just gorgeous. I love things made out of wood, so these are right up my alley. In Chinese astrology, I'm a Wood Tiger. So, y'know, there ya go.