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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

35 - 29 - 38  
I've lost a bit more weight. I was sick last week and didn't eat for a day. That seemed to give my venture a nudge. I'll probably be sick to some extent for most of this month. November is the worst month for me - dry, windy, sunny. Blech. It really does a number on my allergies. Not to mention my skin; my lips are already chapped.

Since I didn't attend college this semester, I had to re-apply to attend next semester. I'm going to try taking Statistics (the last class I need before transfer) in the Winter session. That class meets M-F (yup, 5 days) for 6 weeks. I just want to pound it out and be done with it. I'm also considering taking Art History in the Spring, just for fun. Seriously, how nerdy is that? I can't help it, I'm really a huge dork at heart. Always have been.

November is Apply to UCLA Month. It's the only time they allow applications for the next Fall. I made the mistake of reading the acceptance statistics. Hoo boy. I dunno. Now I'm really stressed. I'm trying to steel myself for possible rejection so that, in the event, it won't send me off the deep end.

Fingers crossed. XX