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Monday, October 17, 2005

It's so dark outside the streetlights came on. I'm expecting to see frogs fall from the sky any minute. It's been pouring rain like it's the next flood coming. And thunder and lightning to boot.

It just brightened a bit, so the streetlights went back off. But it's raining harder now than when it was so dark. There's not a lot of wind, so the rain is just coming straight down in sheets. The street outside my apartment will be flooded something awful. Los Angeles has very poor drainage. The system can't handle all the water so it backs up into the streets. And what green space there is can't absorb it all fast enough so it pools up.

It was just hailing!

Now it's calmed down to just a light drizzle. There's even some blue sky peeking through the clouds.

L.A. weather.