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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Reasons I Am Depressed

I'm not going to school this semester. Dropping the classes was very, very hard. Even submitting the refund form at the college was pretty tough. I was choking back tears the whole way.

I was semi-transferred to another department at work. I'm supposed to continue to perform my old duties while adding on more. This is temporary for about three months, after which it will be re-evaluated. Translation: it's permanent, but we don't want you to be too pissed off and fight it, so we'll say temporary indefinitely. End result: I am very busy and stressed out.

An elder family member is on his deathbed. I'm not that close to him but it's sad to read the e-mail updates. And I feel sad for his daughters who are caring for him at home (with nursing help).

My husband is recording an album. On its own, this would not upset me. Quite the opposite. But, in context, it's depriving me of the one person who helps me stay sane.

Our friends are all having very busy times as well. Weird how that happens, all in clumps like kitty litter. So that outlet is gone as well. One friend is preparing to move out of state; two others are getting serious about their art; another has been busy with work and fixing up his house. It adds to my feelings of isolation and being trapped.

On a happier note: A company in China is selling condoms with the brand names "Clinton" and "Lewinsky". Read the full story here. I especially like the company representative's explanation for why they chose those names, what the names represent.