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Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Million Dollar Question  
Are You Ready to Be a Mom?

Start clearing out that extra room — sounds like you're going to need a nursery before too much longer. Because, despite a few lingering hesitations, it looks like you're almost ready to change your name to "Mommy." It's great that you recognize your concerns, though, whether you're worried about not knowing how to be a mom or just that you might not be quite ready to turn your life upside-down. If it's the latter — if you're afraid that you're not emotionally ready or aren't too keen on restructuring your lifestyle — then maybe it's a good idea to hold off for a bit. But try not to worry too much about the "not knowing what to do" part. As long as you've got maternal instincts — and a great support network — the rest will come naturally. No one knows exactly what to do until they've actually got the baby in their arms. To put it another way, try this quick "test": Does the thought of knowing all the words to the latest children's songs make you giddy? (try nauseous) Do you browse through Baby Gap just to see how precious tiny jeans and sweaters can be? (guilty) Does watching a toddler dance erase your stress and make you grin? (yup*) If you answered "yes," you just might be ready to decorate a nursery and get busy in the bedroom!

Take the test.

I suppose all the bits of me that aren't ready wouldn't have time to speak up anyway. I'd probably be too tired to remember that I used to go out and had nice things. I think being a mother would cure me of those last bits of perfectionism I'm harboring. After all, there's nothing more humbling than having a child.

*My husband's niece danced the night away at our wedding. She was probably 5 or so. It was the cutest thing. And to jazz nonetheless. She's got a really good musical sensibility, especially for rhythm.