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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Arte Moderne  
I've begun the long and expensive process of framing all the art I purchased in the past year or so. It started when I recently received a shipment of two large prints I ordered from a gallery in Colorado. After unpacking them, I didn't want to roll them back up and stick them away. So I laid them out on a mostly flat surface, hard to come by at my place, and decided I had to start framing all this stuff. The very next weekend I got the larger of the two framed. When I was next paid, I took the second one in. I've got them both back now and they look great. I went all out for the custom framing. I figure it pays off in the long run, since 1) I'll be looking at them every day; 2) we are more likely to regret the things we don't do; and 3) the art deserves it. When I went back to get the second one framed, the girl remembered me. She was there when I brought in the first piece, though it was someone else who helped me then. When I picked up the second piece, the guy who helped me with the first piece was there and he remembered me, too. They each recognized me on sight. Am I that peculiar? I always think of myself as wholly unremarkable to others; I always assume people won't remember me. Yet these people had seen me once and knew me right away a few weeks later. Huh. I suppose I expect people to be like me - I hardly ever remember anyone. I've been known to introduce myself to someone who it turns out I've already met twice before. I didn't recognize the guy who helped me, I just figured it was him since he knew me and mentioned the first print. I think I'm rambling. Is this making any sense? Ugh, sorry, I've had a headache all day. I need my allergy medicine, but I'm having a severe communication problem with my doctor's office. My doctor wants to give me the medicine, my HMO has approved it, yet I still don't have the prescription. I keep calling and getting nothing. Just add it to the list of snafus this year.