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Friday, July 29, 2005

Scratch That  
So, we're not going to see Cellar Door. My husband is rehearsing tonight instead. They're supposed to start recording next week, so rehearsal is definitely in order.

Bought this shirt online yesterday (in a large!). Should go nicely with the Lucky skirt (size 10!) I bought last weekend and my Simple argyle tennies (still only a 7, whew!).

Sunday we're going to see The Book of Liz. Any time you get a chance to read/hear/see anything by Amy and/or David Sedaris, take it.

Arnie keeps calling the California Legislature "the big spenders in Sacramento". Well, what exactly is he? He works in Sacramento with them, and I certainly wouldn't call him frugal. A recent fundraising event hosted by Dean Koontz charged $25,000 per couple. Yet he still claims he's bringing government back to the people. Dude, "the people" can't afford $25,000 for dinner. I guess when he said he wanted to reform a government that no longer listened to the people, the idea he had in mind was a government that listens to rich people. I thought that's what we already had. We've got to get all this money out of politics.