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Monday, July 25, 2005

Friggin Hell  
What is going on in my life? All communication this year has fallen into the abyss. To wit:

1. Sent a purse in for repair in January. Forgot about it. Called them last week. They lost my purse at the warehouse. (aside: you don't lose a bright red purse; it was probably stolen by a worker.) They're going to send me a replacement.

2. Bought a t-shirt online. It was too big, so I bought another one of the correct size and sent back the first. I emailed ahead indicating I wanted an exchange, but of a different item since I'd already replaced that one. That was at the very beginning of June and I haven't received anything. I just emailed again today.

3. Bought a skirt on eBay. It was very different from the description, so I insisted on a return/refund. She agreed (actually her mom agreed for her) and I sent it back. It was delivered July 13, but I haven't received any reply or refund. I sent another email today.

4. Bought some jeans a few months ago on eBay. Never received them, seller wouldn't reply. So I had to go through the dispute process and, when that didn't work, file a claim. The claim was found in my favor, but after the resolution fees were deducted, I only got about half my money back.

Was Mercury retrograde recently or something? What the hell's going on? In general, I am getting some resolution, but it's so draining to have to be constantly nipping at people's heels to get there. I'm a very responsible person, and it really pisses me off when other people aren't. That's part of the duty of living in a society. If you don't want to be responsible, get the hell out of my civilization.