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Monday, July 25, 2005

We went to the Beck show at the Universal, er, Gibson Amphitheatre (when did that change?) Friday night. Le Tigre opened, and they were fabulous. What a great start to the evening, and congrats to them for getting such a great gig. They really deserve it. Beck was great too. I liked this show better than the one at the Greek a few years ago. He's a good performer, has a lot of fun onstage, always willing to try something new, brings a lot of humor into it. I particularly loved the dancer, he was awesome.

Saturday was very busy. I took my car in to the dealership to get a motor mount replaced. We went to breakfast in the meantime and did a bit of shopping. We were supposed to be shopping for jeans for my husband, but he's incredibly picky. So he got nothing and I got two skirts and a camisole. We went home for a bit and then back to pick up my car. It runs so smooth now, with very little vibration. Plus they washed it, just in time as it was very dirty. We read for a bit from The Devil's Candy, which my father-in-law gave us. Then we went to pick up a couple pizzas and headed over to my father-in-law's place for poker. It was a good game and I came out a good bit ahead.

Sunday was more leisurely. We had breakfast at a cuban restaurant in old town Pasadena. The coffee was so absurdly strong it gave me a sick tummy that lasted all day. But the food was good as usual. My husband tried shopping for jeans again with no luck. Then we went to Il Fornaio for something fizzy to settle my stomach. I chose a cuba libre and my husband got a mojito. They make the second best mojito I've ever had - the perfect balance of lime, mint, and sweet. The best is at Xiomara, where they use fresh sugarcane juice in theirs. Thus fortified, we set out for home. Dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, dinner, tv, bed. And that was that.