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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Goddamn It All To Hell  
Hey, big surprise! The punk ass motherfuckers I work for denied my request to alter my schedule so I could attend college. So what, you say? Well, they're allegedly not a "regular" employer. They're a union. They even have a scholarship program and a tuition reimbursement program. We're supposed to fight for something for our members while at the same time denying it for ourselves, and by the way how dare you even ask. You oughta show more appreciation to management. What a fucking crock.

So, now I have to drop the classes - I had to register to save my place just in case - and I won't get that money back from the college for a couple or few months. Meanwhile I'm paying interest charges on my credit card for it. With the fall and summer semester registrations, I'm out about $500.