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Friday, June 10, 2005

Global Warming Online March  
From the vanishing glaciers in Montana to the damaged coral reefs of Florida, to sinking villages in Alaska and wild fire outbreaks in California, the impacts of global warming are a part of daily life across the United States. It is crucial that you join the March because the consequences of doing nothing are unimaginable.

It affects everyone. Young, old, rich, poor, urban, rural, right wing, left wing, those in the middle. Global warming is a national security problem, an economic problem, and a public health problem. And it's not going to get better unless we act now

Americans from all regions and walks of life need to join together and urge our leaders to take action to stop global warming. Leading scientists, political and religious leaders, prominent Americans and concerned citizens have joined but change can't happen without you. It is through our numbers and personal stories that we will spur our community, government and business leaders to take action against global warming.

Join me. Together we will march toward a solution to the problem of global warming.