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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Dive In Head First  
LIBRA (Sep 23 - Oct 22): Express your emotions with confidence, and be ready for some unexpected action. This isn't about being gracious. Face it: you are the Champion of Nice. You thrive on making others feel at ease, which in turn makes you feel better yourself. Now, however, you must push past the infatuation stage and beyond your dreams. Get real and make your move.

My grievance was denied, of course. I sent an email out to everyone who signed the petition in my support, summarizing the meeting I had with management. Now everyone is Really Pissed Off. I got a lot of response from that email, lots of support. They're talking about next steps and doing a group call in to management. One of them already met with management to express her disappointment and anger about the decision. It's really beautiful to see everyone rally together. And all over little ol' me.

All I wanted was to take one college class in summer.

One bit from a supportive email that was really heartening was this:

"[She] suffers from an ailment of understanding her self-worth ..."

Here's another:

"[She] has been one of the best, most reliable, most competent support staff that we have had ..."

Now for something completely different. I'm studying Buddhism. I've been leaning towards it for quite some time, but then shying away because it just seemed so L.A. I mean, isn't it enough that I drink lattes, eat sushi, do pilates, vote liberal, read independent media, and watch public television? (Gah, I really do belong here.) I'm really not trendy (I swear!) and yet I somehow end up smack in the middle of a trend. It's like I'm casually biking down the road and suddenly I'm overtaken by a pack of cyclists and end up in the middle of a race. Weird.

So, anyway I'm doing that. Also, I've finally decided on my tattoo. I've always meant to get one, but could never decide on what and where. My aesthetic is constantly evolving, so I wanted to be sure of my choice. No Winona Forever fiasco for me thank you very much. Likewise my body is a fluid sculpture (heh) and I didn't want to put something on a particularly stretchy bit. So, obviously my belly was not an option. And I didn't want anything too girly. My sister has a yin-yang dealy on the small of her back and a dolphin on her ankle. Or was it vice-versa. Well, something like that. Very girly. On the other hand, I don't want anything too masculine either. I think a pin-up girl on my bicep would be rather outre.

Oh, my decision, right. So I'll get an ouroboros between my shoulder blades at the top of my spine. My father-in-law knows a man and his ex-wife who are both tattoo artists. Interestingly, she taught him the art. They're supposed to be quite good, so I want one of them to do it. I'll post a photo when all is said and done.

Something good will come out of all this.