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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Chronicles of Paxil  
I tried to detox over Memorial Day weekend - nice long weekend, plenty of time to shake it off. But I didn't quite make it over the hump. I didn't take any Sunday and all was fine. But Monday I was feeling it. Oh, it was putting the hurt to me. So my husband convinced me that it was okay and not a sign of personal failure to go ahead and take a dose, and I relented. The next day I took a pill with me to work, just in case. That pill is still in my purse. I feel like I have a mild flu, but I'm getting through it. It's not as bad as before. Each time I try, it gets easier. I think I'll make it this time.

In other news, I'm going to the Pixies show tonight with some friends. And next week is finals week at school. Then a short hiatus (one week) and back to the millstone for the summer session. That'll wrap up my statistics requirement and I'll be ready for transfer.