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Thursday, May 12, 2005

sashafoo, your subconscious mind is most preoccupied with issues around your sex life

On a conscious level, you might already be aware that something is troubling you, or eating up a lot of time when it comes to your sex life. But it's also possible that thoughts and feelings about your sexual encounters have been preoccupying your subconscious mind — leaving you with nothing more than a general sense that things just don't feel 100% right in your life though you can't quite figure out why.

You may wish your sex life were more satisfying, or you may worry that you're not good enough in bed. Perhaps you have conflicts about your sex life or you feel preoccupied with sex. Or maybe you're so frustrated with your situation that you avoid the topic all together.

Whichever feelings hold true, your test results indicate that right now, your subconscious mind is working overtime to resolve the issues confronting you in this area of your life — even if you don't feel aware of it.

However, you can learn easy ways to tap into your subconscious mind and discover the source of the issues that are preoccupying you.

What's really on your mind?