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Monday, May 09, 2005

Oh, My  
I went off my Paxil yesterday. Feeling woozy today. Head fuzzy, dizzy, can't think. Just want this day to be over.

Went to the beach yesterday to go fishing. We stopped at the market for lunch and asked where we could buy some bait. They looked at us like we'd asked for kryptonite. Guess they don't fish in Malibu. Anyway, turns out we needn't have asked. We scouted out some rocks with a nice plateau for fishing - juts out into the surf, very nice - and they were covered with mussels. Free bait. There was one guy there fishing. We saw a seal sunning itself on a rock, until someone came along and the seal got startled and dove into the water. Two dolphins were swimming near shore. It was a great day. Next time we'll do some fishing.

Watched The Ring yesterday. I know, I'm like the last person on Earth to see it. I'm like that with most movies. It was better than I expected. One of those where I'm not too scared watching it, but it stays with me and scares me later.