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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Gruesome Five  

1. What blood group are you?
Don't know.

2. Do you give blood? Why/why not?
Ack! Needles!

3. Are you listed as an organ donor? Again, why/why not?
Yes. My death could at least be useful to someone. And I don't believe that you're bodily resurrected in the Last Days. Hell, I don't even believe in the Last Days.

4. Would you donate an organ or other part of your body (e.g. bone marrow) while still alive?
Sure. Maybe not to a stranger, though. Probably just to a close friend or family.

5. Would you consider leaving your body to medical science? Or maybe just parts of your body?
Oh, absolutely. My first choice is for my whole body to be donated to a forensic research facility, aka Body Farm.