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Friday, March 04, 2005

I went fishing for the first time last weekend. Another first occurred lakeside - I peed in the bushes! 30 yrs old and I'd never peed in the bushes. Well I can check that one off now. It was kinda weird, having my goodies hanging in the breeze, but kinda liberating too. Still, I wish I could pee like a man. Oh, that'd be so much easier. Women are all fuss. It sucks. So, we didn't catch anything. I need to work on my casting. We're going to go ocean-fishing next time, which is easier than lake-fishing, or so I'm told.

We're going to see Brazilian Girls at the Knitting Factory on Sunday. Yay! I've just gotten into them. I heard them on KCRW and bought the album right away. It's really good listening for a party or a long drive. Loungy, dancy, silky. Should be a good time.

There's a peace rally on March 19th, organized by ANSWER that I think I'll attend.

It's raining in LA again. I think we will break the 1830-something record. I've never seen so much rain in all my life. A co-worker said it reminded him of the Philippines. Man, it's really pouring now.

I saw a great show last night on PBS (I heart PBS) - "Secrets of the Dead II - Witches Curse". A behavioral psychologist posits that ergot poisoning was the real cause behind the illness labeled bewitchment in Salem that lead to the infamous witch trials, and indeed, probably to many if not all similar events worldwide. Quite compelling evidence. You can read her paper here, and read an interview here.

Later Tator!