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Monday, January 10, 2005

StormWatch 2005  
Landslides, flooding, fallen trees, oh my!

Anyway, we bought a used exercise bike this weekend and have already used it twice each. How's that for resolve? On the other hand, I've been slacking off in school. For shame. I promise to do better.

Christmas was nice; we saw my sister's new house. It's very cozy and comfortable. Who knew she was such a good decorator? She just got a new puppy, sooo cute. I want a puppy! *sulk*

My friend's new boyfriend (let's call him) Cycle Lately, cheated on her. May some deity coat his house in moldy cheese! Not to worry, there are droves of other fish queueing up already.

I am loving my new iMac. It is sooo beautiful and elegant. Mmmm.

I think I'll start selling Pucca items. Maybe an eBay store. Speaking of eBay, I bought a gorgeous head vase that I've been searching for to replace one I broke. It was my husband's, from his grandma's house. It's now on a shelf in our kitchen, with plenty of QuakeHold to keep it there.

I've already done my spring cleaning, at home and at work. Everything's so tidy. Not clean yet, but tidy.