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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Sooo ...  
Apparently the slacking off in school wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. I'm getting an A so far. I thought the paper I turned in was C-worthy. Maybe I'm too hard on myself. Yeah, maybe?

Somebody hit my car either Friday night or Saturday morning, while it was parked. Now I have to replace the driver's side mirror. Thanks a lot jackass! How bad a driver do you have to be to hit a parked car? I don't mean tapping it while parking; everybody's done that at some point. I mean hitting a stationary object while driving. And then they left the scene. Not even a note left on my windshield. I'm throwing ugly karma your way fucktard.

In positive news, on Saturday I got a haircut (finally) and we saw Aida (the opera, not the musical). Traffic was so bad, we got there about 30 seconds before they closed the doors. Whew! But it was quite good. I wore my new boots which, may I say, are very kick-ass. I feel like a goddess in these boots. (I'm wearing them right now, at work.) Yummy.

I went to the PhotoLA show on Sunday. I used my student status to get a discount ticket ($15 instead of $20). Then I bought a $400 Kim Weston print. A bit incongruous, but it's gorgeous. I'm becoming quite the art collector. Yay!