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Friday, December 10, 2004

Those sure are some angry chinchillas.

So, not a week out of therapy and I have a depression. It was pretty bad, but it only lasted a few days. I couldn't do my homework, focus on anything, read. I had trouble sleeping, cried a lot, didn't have much interest in eating. Fortunately it was over soon.

Next week I have finals. In fact, it was the conflict between work and school that triggered my depression. I had requested to work part-time for six weeks so I could attend the winter intersession. I registered for physics and statistics, both required courses. Since I really stepped up and worked my ass off this year, and since it's only for six weeks, I thought they'd approve it easily. But, they didn't. They denied my request. After they told me, I skipped class and went home. My husband came home later to find me crying on the sofa. It really scares him when I cry. I think it makes him feel helpless.

For a while I was considering ways to lie and cheat my way into getting what I wanted. Maybe taking a lot of vacation and getting "sick" a lot. But that wouldn't really work and would cause a lot of stress besides. So I'll have to just bite the bullet and drop the statistics class. That was the actual on-campus one. Physics is an online class, so I'm going to keep it. It'll be a bit hectic, but on the upside, I just bought a new iMac, so that should cushion the blow. At least I'll be able to break it in and have some fun while learning.

I'm still pissed that they denied my request, though. I tend to hold grudges; must work on that.