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Friday, November 05, 2004

Was the Ohio Election Honest and Fair?

Kerry Won...

Living Poor, Voting Rich

Post-Concession Reflections

Think About It:
Top NO on 72 Campaign Contributors
CA Restaurant Association and Issues PAC: $4.5 million
McDonald’s (McDonald’s Corp. and franchise owners) $1.5 million
Wal-Mart $648,000
Round Table Pizza (includes franchises) $482,000
Macy’s $400,000
CA Business Properties Association PAC $325,000
Outback Steakhouse $323,000
Sears $300,000
Robinson May $300,000
Best Buy Purchasing $300,000
Jack in the Box $260,000
CA Chamber of Commerce Business PAC $255,000
Target $250,000

All that talk about Prop 72 being for government run healthcare is patently false and ridiculous. We already have government run healthcare. Um, Medi-Cal anyone? Medicare, hello? Around 20% of families have no healthcare. As a result, they can't afford regular doctor visits so they wait until an illness is serious and then go to the emergency room.

Connect the dots people. You already pay taxes for government run healthcare. So why on earth would Prop 72 be for that? And why would big corporations be against it? Prop 72 would have made large companies pay 80% of the cost for healthcare for their employees.

But since you voted against it, you and I will have to keep shelling out for it and giving the corporations yet another free ride. And in order to afford that, we'll have to either raise taxes or cut other services. Hope your kids weren't planning on getting a good education. Hope your parents don't become ill and need home care. Cause those will be among the first things cut.

It's just a scare tactic when people say regulations will scare away business and hurt our economy. Do you really think Wal-Mart will leave the state if they have to pay for healthcare? No company will leave our state, regardless of taxes or regulations. What do companies need to thrive? Consumers. California has tons of consumers. The price of healthcare is not going to bankrupt McDonald's.