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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Contact High  
Look what I bought today. Eep!

Shop sweatshop-free at American Apparel. I did.

I got into it with a woman at a bar last night. My husband and I were there to drink beer and watch the game. She and her husband were haranguing this guy about religion. They were proselytizing in a sports bar. What the hell's the matter with people? Anyway, I kept quiet about that, even though it was bugging me. But then she starts in with anthropology, using her self-described knowledge of the subject to "prove" her religious beliefs. Gah! Y'know, I don't care what your religious beliefs are. Maybe I think yours are crazy, you probably think mine are crazy. Whatever. But when you team up to loudly declare them to some poor guy who clearly states he disagrees, that is not cool. So, I told her everything she said was wrong and I'm studying anthropology and everything she said was lies.

Evangelicalism is something apart from religion and yet often associated with it. It isn't based on your religion, but rather on your personality. It's the insistence that your opinions are the "right" ones and everyone else is wrong. Even worse than this fundamental disrespect for people is the zealous drive to convert them to your "side". How condescending to think that you are responsible for "saving" these poor souls from themselves. Blech! They're just a bunch of bullies. To wit, once I spoke up and leveled the field, they shut up. Not another peep the rest of the night. They couldn't stop talking when it was two on one. Once it was fair, two on two, they weren't interested anymore. Hm!

Besides, they were "proclaiming the spirit" so fucking loud I couldn't hear the game. Rude. Tsk, tsk.