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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

DP Alliance  
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has pledged $1 million from one of his political funds to pay for advertising to defeat Prop. 66. According to today's Sacramento Bee, the Governor "has already filmed a television spot and will purchase airtime over the next week" in hopes of defeating Prop. 66. The state's prison guards' union , the economic engine of the opposition, is kicking in another $500,000 to ensure that California keeps its worst-in-the-nation Three Strikes laws on the books. This is the same union that has contributed millions of dollars to politicians to keep the state's prisons bulging.

Independent polls consistently show that most Californians support - by roughly a 2:1 margin - Prop 66. But this week the Governor, the prison guards and their cronies are spending $2 million on a series of ads designed to scare and deceive voters. One of their ads falsely claims that Prop 66 will let rapists and murderers out of prison. They know they can’t win by telling the truth, so they’re resorting to lies and deceptions.