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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

ACLU Endorsements  
California Voters: Let's Get Smart on Crime by Voting YES on 66 and NO on 69. With the election looming, a broad coalition - including the ACLU's California affiliates, National Black Police Association, Children's Defense Fund, Equality California, California Labor Federation, NAACP and California Democratic Party - is urging California voters to vote YES on Proposition 66 and NO on Proposition 69.

Vote YES on Prop 66 to Fix California's Three Strikes Law!

* Prop 66 fixes a major flaw in the Three Strikes law. Currently life sentences are given to people whose third strike is as minor as stealing a pack of batteries. These are the harsh sentences that voters intended for murderers, rapists and kidnappers - not petty criminals.
* California is the only state with a Three Strikes law that doesn't require a third strike to be a violent or serious felony to trigger the harshest sentence.
* California has spent billions of dollars in the last decade imposing life sentences on nonviolent, petty criminals. Prop 66 will save the state hundreds of millions of dollars every year.
* The current law is illogical, unfair and wasteful. Prop 66 will bring some common sense to California's Three Strikes law.

Support reform of California's misguided "Three Strikes" law by voting "Yes" on 66.

For more information, visit:

Vote NO on Prop 69 to Oppose DNA Database for the Innocent!

* Prop 69 expands California's criminal DNA database to include innocent people. Under Prop 69, adults arrested for any felony offense would have their DNA collected -- even if they are never charged with a crime. This includes people exercising their right to protest or union members on picket lines.
* Prop 69 turns the presumption of innocence on its head. Even if you are innocent, it's up to you to get your DNA sample removed from this government database. You are required to petition the court. The judge can deny your request - and that decision cannot be appealed.
* DNA is more than a fingerprint. It reveals the most personal, private details about you and your family, including predispositions to diseases, like Alzheimer's, depression and addiction.

Oppose a DNA database of innocent people by voting NO on 69!

For more information, visit: