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Friday, September 03, 2004

Grab Bag  
I saw a program last night on Ovation about volunteers at CARE. It made me want to go to South Africa and volunteer. I didn't even like baboons before I saw the program.

I avoided watching the Republican Convention. I'm in treatment for depression and I'm pretty sure that's contra-indicated for my condition. Seriously though, the political climate has been a contributing factor in my illness.

I saw Garden State. It was such a beautiful love story. People had said it was not exactly an upbeat movie. But I thought it was. It gave me hope. If two people that fucked up can find love and happiness then so can I. So can you. It was heartwarming. I want the DVD and the soundtrack. Zach Braff is brilliant. And, as always, so is Natalie Portman.

My anthropology teacher studied Navajos! On the reservation! We were discussing linguistic anthropology and, as an example, he was going over greetings in different languages. And he said hello in Navajo. I was floored. I've never heard anyone besides my grandma speak Navajo. I talked to him about it after class and he said I'm the first Navajo he's met in Los Angeles. There are at least 5,000 in the LA area but I guess they don't usually attend community college. With his studies, he might very well know more about my family than I do.