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Friday, August 13, 2004

Shiny Happy People  
Well, my adventure into the land of psychoactive drugs is going pretty well. I started on 20mg last week and then ramped up to 30 this week. I'm going in for a checkup on Tuesday. The side effects are wearing off. When I started, and then again when I increased my dosage, I felt jittery. But at the same time, I felt tired and yawned alot. I've been sleeping alot, too. But those were really the only side effects and they're easing up.

I feel so calm. I've noticed things happen that would usually upset me, but haven't. There's an empty space where my anxiety and anger would be. I can see my past behavior now from outside of that tangle. It's like coming out of the forest into the meadow. I feel so ... good.