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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Baby's First Mosh Pit  
Sunday we went to see Love, Camper van Beethoven, and X at Sunset Junction. It was a great show, if rather bass heavy from where we were standing. When X started all the punks rushed the stage. I've never seen so many punks in one place. My oh-so-sassy haircut was so-not-even. Everyone has this haircut. *sigh* So, anyway, the punks started moshing, as punks are wont to do. We were near the front when X started playing, but it got pretty dicey pretty quick, so my husband grabbed me by the waist and pulled me backwards to the side of the melee. It kept getting more and more packed. Some people were jumping the fence and others were shoving forward from the back. It was so crowded I couldn't move. All dancing had to be done in place; not that I danced much, my legs were sore just from trying to remain upright in the seething crowd. Every person who moved, in any direction, caused ripples in the crowd. Several times I almost fell in these waves. Other people nearby were watching out for me, in addition to my husband with his grip-of-life around my waist. A few times I lost my breath from being crushed in the press. It got pretty stinky in there. After a while we decided to get out of there. Things were escalating and we thought it best to get while the gettin's good. Getting out of there was almost as difficult as staying. We had to wriggle out of the crowd. Someone who'd been standing near us asked if I was okay and I said I was. She thought maybe I'd been hurt and that was why we were leaving during the show. Once we were out of the crowd I took a deep breath and stretched my arms. Oh, the freedom of personal space!

We have a friend who lives just up the street from there who let us park in his spot. We headed back to his place for a drink before heading home. The walk back was filthy; piles of trash and clouds of stench everywhere. It was raw humanity. I was exhausted. When I got home I noticed I smelled like baby powder, probably from the girl who was dancing in front of me, whom I was pressed against many times. She was cute, too, which made the crushing not so bad. ;) I didn't even mind her stepping on my feet.

(Also seen: two men in lingerie on stilts. I love LA.)