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Friday, July 16, 2004

Dirty Pool  
"First of all, to be clear that people should be free to enter into their relationships that they choose.  And, secondly, to recognize what's historically been the situation, that when it comes to conferring legal status on relationships, that is a matter left to the states."- Lynne Cheney contradicting husband Dick Cheney on why she opposes the White House sponsored "Federal Marriage Amendment", which the Senate defeated this week. July 11, 2004

(To be fair, Dick Cheney also contradicts Dick Cheney.)

"It's part of the values debate that's very impact of  a high-profile vote on gay marriage could be to keep voters in the GOP column on cultural issues who might otherwise be inclined to shift on the economy or the war." - GOP consultant Frank Luntz, explaining why the FMA was brought to the Senate floor, July 13, 2004