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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Been a Long Time  
Moved to North Hollywood over 4th of July weekend. We're mostly finished unpacking, just a couple of boxes left. We even unpacked the boxes that went unpacked after the last move. Sorry to say there were quite a few of those. We donated, gave away, and trashed a whole bunch of stuff. Gave away the futon to one friend and the papasan chair to another. We took two full carloads of stuff to Salvation Army. And we tossed out at least one dumpster-full of junk. The problem is, with so much extra room, we would just put things aside to deal with later, then close the door and forget about it. Nothing got dealt with. So we had all this junk lying around, hidden in closets. I feel so much lighter and cleaner from shedding all this unnecessary baggage. We finally had to do it because we moved into a much smaller place. There just isn't room for extra stuff. But it's a nice place. It's a 40s ranch house split into a triplex. Our apartment has the original living room (with gas-lighted fireplace) and good-sized kitchen. I wanted a real kitchen like we had in our last place. That's easy to find in a 2 bedroom, but not in a 1 bedroom. It's a great neighborhood, very residential, lots of well kept houses, people walking their dogs.

So we had decided to put our cat down. She'll be 18 years old in December and was looking pretty sick. Eating a lot but losing weight, sneezing, too tired to play, yowling every night. We thought she was on her last legs. But as soon as we signed the lease on our place, which doesn't allow pets, she had a miraculous recovery. She does that every time! I thought she'd already run through her allotment of nine lives, but apparently she had one more left. Then we couldn't put her down, but we had a lease. Fortunately at the last minute a friend of ours took her. Cat's known him all her life so the transition went really smoothly. It's good for both of them.

Our new couch is coming today! I can't wait for this day to end so I can get home and see it. My first couch. I just couldn't go into my 30s with a futon; it didn't seem right. Next up is a new dining table. Actually a cafe table, because we don't have a dining room in this place, just a nook. It's a nice nook, though, nestled between the kitchen and living room, looking out on the lawn and the street. We like sitting there over dinner and watching all the people walking their dogs and/or jogging.

We had these two sets of ceramic mermaids from his grandma's house. They've been collecting dust in a box through our last two apartments. But, finally, we got them hung up on the walls here. One set in the bathroom (they match perfectly) and one set in the kitchen. It's feeling like a real home.