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Monday, April 05, 2004

Friday we watched Catch Me If You Can on HBO. We'd meant to see it when it was in theaters, but I've got this weird movie aversion. I like movies. But I don't like watching movies. Um, let me try to clear that up, that's pretty murky. Let's see. I'll read about a movie or see a preview and think, I want to see that. Then when it's released, I won't. I'll have every opportunity, but I won't. I don't want to get up, drive to the theater, wait in line, find a seat and then sit for two hours in the dark. However, afterwards I'm always glad I went. Because I really like movies. Just sometimes they give me a headache. And dry out my eyes, making my contacts stick to my eyeballs (ouch). But that's usually after a long movie, like LOTR; something to do with air-conditioning and staring in the dark.

Also, I don't like ice cream. For more on my weird predilections and behaviors see the rest of this blog.

Anyway, the movie was really good. It was the best story. Hard to believe it's true.

Saturday was Medical Testing Day. I went off in the early morning to The Needle Place, er, specimen lab to have blood drawn for a lipid panel because I'm so old now (sigh). I'm very phobic of needles, so my husband went with me to hold my hand (yeah, real mature). The waiting's really the hardest part. Afterwards we went out for breakfast, since I had to fast for the test. Then on to the eye doctor for a total workup including pupil dilation, retinal photography and glaucoma test. And all this before noon.

Spent a few hours recovering from all this at home. Then walked to a barbeque at a new friend's house. Actually an old friend of my husband's father. He lived with my husband's family for a while. But he's new to me. He and his wife are really nice. And their friends are great. They're all about 20 years older than me, about the age of my parents. Great people; we set a date to play poker at their house on Friday. Should be a good time.

Walked home afterwards - it was really nice out - and watched Identity on HBO. Again, a great movie and one we'd wanted to see in theaters but, you know, I've got that problem (see above). I was a bit disappointed in the first 15 minutes, thinking it was just a straight horror movie. But, oh no, it was way more than that. I was continually surprised by plot twists right up to the very end. Really well done.

Sunday was Official Cleaning Day. It all started with dishes. It always starts with dishes. Before I know it, I've dusted, swept, mopped. Then the bathroom. Then the fridge. Once I get started, it's hard to stop. Course, the trouble's in the starting.