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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Guess who forgot to set her alarm last night? Yeah, that would be me. Fortunately, we had left a window open a little so I was woken up by the gardeners mowing the lawn at 8am. My alarm's set for 7:30 but that first half hour is for exercise. So when needed I can skip it. Also fortunately, I had decided what to wear the night before.

Fuck it's hot! We've got a heat wave out here. It was high 70s yesterday and fixin to be hotter today. Ai-ai-ai! You know, the joke is that SoCal doesn't have seasons. But that's not true. It's just that we have our seasons randomly, sometimes all in one month. Just a couple weeks ago we were deluged with thunderstorms; a month ago it was cold, dry, and windy; now it's hot. No clouds, no breeze, just the sun baking everything. Except on the coast where they have an "offshore flow" making it classic Cali - sunny and 70 with a cool breeze. *sigh*