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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Monday Madness  
How many hours do you spend per week doing the following things?
1. Watching television
I'm not sure, probably 10-20 hours.
2. Sitting at the computer.
At work, 25-30 hours. At home, less than an hour.
3. Reading a book
Let's change that to just "reading" period, because sometimes I'm focussed on reading magazines.
So, around 10-20 hours depending on how busy I am.
4. House work
Varies, but lately it's been like 10 hours.
5. Cooking
Not much, maybe 3 hours. I cook quickly.
6. Eating
10 hours.
7. Driving
Maybe 3 or 4 hours.
8. Working outside of your home
35 hours.
9. Blogging
One or two.
10. Sleeping
Between 50 and 55, usually.