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Friday, March 26, 2004

I was watching a rerun of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on Game Show Network yesterday. About halfway through the show (around 5:30 p.m.) this woman wins the whatever-it's-called so she's the next contestant.

She looks exactly like my mom.

No, I mean exactly like my mom.

But she's younger. I remember pictures of my mom when she was dating my dad and that's what this woman looks like. She even has this lip. My mom and her sisters have a part of their upper lip that tweaks up. I've never seen anyone else with that lip.

At first, because she looks about my age, my husband and I thought she looked just like me. Her eyes looked just like mine. And she does look like she could be my sister. But even more, like my mom. I was way freaked out. Still am. I never see anyone who looks like me. She was definitely Navajo, which would be the first time I've seen a Navajo outside of my family. Given my family history, though, she might actually be related to me. We could be cousins, or even closer. God this is weird.

My husband tried to tape it for me but his brain doesn't comprehend wiring so it didn't work. I called my mom right away, but they don't have GSN on their cable. I called my sister, but she doesn't have it either. I really need a tape of this show. How do I get a tape of this show? Maybe if we'd had more time, we could've figured out the wiring. But she walked away at $16,000.