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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Et Cetera  
Big Boy
Got my hair cut Saturday. Real short. Today a male co-worker said I looked handsome. Hmm. Maybe too short. No, really he was just kidding. Although it is what you could call "guy short". When I met my husband his hair was longer than this. When I showed him the picture from the magazine of how I wanted my hair cut, he said that's how his hair looked in high school. I like it. It balances all the ultra-feminine circle skirts and chandelier earrings I plan to wear this summer. Yummy!

I hate that I'm so swayed by advertising. I know all their tricks but still I'm hooked like a fish! Perfect example: show me donuts, on tv or in print, and instantly I need donuts like I've never needed anything before. I just saw a Krispy Kreme banner ad on Yahoo and now my life is incomplete without their sticky sweetness.

Pretty, Pretty
Went to the Sierra Madre Wisteria Festival on Sunday. Good music, good food, and I got some pretty pearl earrings. This young girl makes them. The craftsmanship is really good, all these tiny pearls wired together in clusters on earrings and bracelets. I got a business card from her very proud mama so I could get in touch with them to buy some more jewelry. It's Ariel's Jewelry (I'll post the phone number later, I don't have the card with me). It was a beautiful day, sunny and breezy, so I wore wedgie sandals, a pale blue sundress, and glass-beaded chandelier earrings. I got tons of compliments on my dress and earrings, especially the dress. Men and women alike considered it "classic". I'll try to get a picture up so you'll know what I'm rambling on about.