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Thursday, March 18, 2004

So my car battery died. It happened so suddenly I thought maybe there was a problem with the alternator or a loose connection or something. I've always bought my batteries at Sears; they've got the best product & best service. But I didn't want to go to Sears and then find out I needed more than a battery, so I took it to the dealer. So of course the opposite happens; I go to the dealer and find out I only need a battery. And they want to charge me $110. For a "5 year" battery that has 1 year full warranty and 3 year limited warranty. (How is that 5 years?) That's a really cheap battery. I can get the same kind at Sears for $40. *sigh* Faced with a decision I will invariably make the wrong one. Or, at least, so it seems. Anyway, so I told the dealer no thanks, put the old battery back in and I'll take it to Sears. Not to be bilked, they tacked on a $36 diagnostic fee. Drat. Then I find out on Sears' website that part of their service is to check the alternator, etc. Shit. So I totally pissed away $36 and wasted my time this morning. Oh well, lesson learned.

Y'know the brain is hard-wired to respond that way. No matter what happens a person will usually express sentiments like, "it all worked out for the best", "I wouldn't be where I am now if that hadn't happened", "it's all part of what makes me who I am" and such. Those are completely unprovable statements. But a person would go crazy not believing them. It's amazing.

Moral of the story - always go to Sears.