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Friday, February 06, 2004

Flu-y Friday Five  
Yeah, I've got the flu again.

1. What's the most daring thing you've ever done?
Looking back on it, it was pretty daring of me to drive into downtown L.A. at night by myself for school. I took a class at L.A. Trade Tech. During the semester one of the classes was robbed. After that our teacher started locking the door.
2. What one thing would you like to try that your mother/friend/significant other would never approve of?
It wouldn't be the same thing for all of them. They'd disapprove of completely different things. Like, my mom disapproves of me drinking coffee and alcohol, swearing, being politically liberal, not having kids. My friends, including my husband, approve of all these things. I can't think of anything that I'd want to do that my friends or husband would disapprove of; but, vice versa, I can't think of much I'd want to do that my mother wouldn't disapprove of.
3. On a scale of 1-10, what's your risk factor? (1=never take risks, 10=it's a lifestyle)
5, I guess.
4. What's the best thing that's ever happened to you as a result of being bold/risky?
My marriage.
5. ... and what's the worst?
My pregnancy at 17.