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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

So, not only did I make it to the Bontecou retrospective, I went twice. We went Friday night with a few friends to the Bontecou Bash. Cash bar, DJ, free admission. It was fabulous. I love her work. My husband and our friends finished way before I did. They were making bets as to how long I would take. One friend commented before she left that I must have memorized every piece.

I felt so chic being there among all those young urban hipsters. Everyone was so beautiful and fashionably dressed. A truism about LA is that the further west you go, the better looking people are. The westside is like paradise, if paradise had a horrible traffic problem.

Then I made my husband go with me again on Sunday afternoon, the last day. I went through the exhibit much quicker that day, just focussing on the pieces I really liked. Her use of negative space is so compelling. I get such a sense of peace staring into those womb-like holes. I could gaze into their warm darkness forever. I just had to see it one last time before it was gone.

Someone who loves me could perhaps buy me this. Someone who really loves me could buy me one of her pieces.