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Friday, January 23, 2004

So, I'll get my Bachelor's in Psychology. (By the way, I'm feeling much more calm about this now.) I might take a little time off to catch my breath. Then I'll go for my Master's. From this vantage point, I don't think I'll go for a doctorate. But you never know; as I get further along, I might decide to go for it. It's a bit like walking in the fog. I can't see very far ahead and can only guess at what's there.

I'm not sure what I want to get my Master's in. I was considering the ministry. I'll give you a moment to put your eyes back in your sockets. I'm serious. Problem is I've realized I don't believe in the Abrahamic God. Yeah, kind of a snag that. I don't suppose that would be a problem for Secular Humanism or even Unitarian Universalists. Still, I've set that idea aside.

Recently I was considering a Master's in Counseling Psychology and a MFT license so I could be a couples counselor. I'm still vacillating on that. Will I be able to handle it? I shied away from counseling once before. In high school I took every psychology and sociology course there was, except for the second semester of Peer Counseling. It was a brand new course. In the first semester we learned about counselling. In the second semester we were supposed to put it to use by actually counselling our peers. At the end of the first semester I realized I was going to be counselling people. I would have to listen to their problems and help them. I got scared and didn't sign up for the second semester. The school decided against implementing the peer counselling program, so it turned out the second semester was essentially the same as the first. I should've taken it. That fear drove me away from psychology for years. It was still an interest of mine, but not a career goal. Perhaps I could go into research instead of counselling. I might be better suited to that. Time will tell.

I've also, in the back of my mind, considered a Master's in Fine Art. I really enjoyed the painting class I took. In some ways I feel I was deprived of a career in music. I studied piano and then flute when I was little. I continued with flute into junior high and was quite good at it. But then we moved and my new school didn't have an orchestra playing Mozart. No, it had a marching band playing Eye of the Tiger. That was NOT what I wanted. But my dad, practical man that he is, insisted I continue playing the flute until they'd finished paying for it. By which time I was sick of it and stuck it in the closet to rot. As an adult I can now see that I cut off my nose to spite my face. The high school I went to had an orchestra, but I didn't sign up. See how terribly stubborn I can be? It's possible I could parlay the BA Psychology and the MFA into an Art Therapist career.

And I've also considered a Master's in Education from a Waldorf College. Maybe a BA Psychology, with a minor in Art, and an MEd so I can teach art to kids at a Waldorf school. Whittier College has a good program, with a children's school on campus.

I'm also thinking about getting a JD. I could be a lawyer, I could do that. A couple of my friends are lawyers and they're not any smarter than me. Plus, there's lots of different kinds of lawyers. I would just have to find my niche.

I know, one thing at a time.