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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

In Which The Author Discusses Her Cat  
Well, actually my husband's cat. Anyway, the eponymous cat is now 17 years old. She has taken to sleeping all day on the couch. This is so as to be well rested for a night of mischief. Soon after we tuck in for the night around 11 or 12, she begins howling. Something like ROWR-Rowr-rowr, ROWR-Rowr-rowr. It usually begins at medium volume, crescendos, then fades away. Within the hour she begins chasing the invisible beasts that taunt her. We have hardwood floors throughout our apartment so the noise is quite loud.

Run across the living room, jump up on the table (where she knows she's not supposed to be), jump back down (thu-thump), belly crawl across the dining room rug clawing at the invisible interlopers, (outnumbered!) gallop into the bedroom yowling in distress, leap on the bed, scamper across our heads, jump off the bed, run out. And, repeat. Oh, it's a long night.

We've taken to closing all the doors, leaving just enough room for her to squeeze through. Kinda like speed bumps.