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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I'm Losin' It!  
Four weeks until the spring quarter starts. Critical Thinking. *twitch* Been avoiding this class for a looooong time. LOTS of writing. *twi-tich* And then. Oh, and then. Then, what? I was hoping UCLA. But how? It's half an hour away as the crow flies. But I ain't a crow. I have to go by car. On the 405. 4. 0. motherfucking. 5! With the stopping and the going and the stopping and the Crazy-Making! *t-tw-twitch* All to be done on evenings and weekends. Can't afford not to work. USC is closer. Much closer. But the money. Oh God, the money. I checked today. $949 per unit. ~$3k a class. From where? Loans, baby. Loans. Ouch. Can I even do this? And assuming I actually make it to my Bachelor's, what then? Master's? Doctorate?? At USC, UCLA, maybe Pepperdine, or somewhere else entirely? The money, the writing, the internships!

*woozy* My head is swimming. Mustn't look too far ahead, makes me dizzy.