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Monday, December 22, 2003

Tee Hee  
Ardent Fire Sign Lover
You share your sexuality with others with all the passion and confidence of the Fire Signs. Impulsive, playful and irresistible, you bound into new romantic entanglements hungry for pleasure and attention. You crave constant physical stimulation and can be quite daring and experimental in the bedroom (and out of the bedroom -- you like a little risk in your action, wink wink.) You're very me-oriented, so you may sometimes forget or take your partner for granted. While you can be selfish, you can also be incredibly, delectably generous when it comes to giving sexual pleasure. You're willing to take risks with your heart and pay no mind to consequences. Be bold like an Aries and enticing and exuberant like a Leo. And just like adventurous, devil-may-care Sagittarius, tease your lover until neither of you can stand it anymore!
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Apparently I'm all about the quizzes right now.