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Monday, December 29, 2003

Monday Madness, Old  
How much would you pay for ...
1. a pair of dress shoes
$100, but I have a few pairs that were around $150 each and my wedding shoes were $375.
2. a pair of jeans
$80 for fancy ones, $40 for basics.
3. a pound of ground round
I have never bought this and don't know what it costs.
4. a music cd
5. a computer
$1600 is what we paid for ours, I think.
6. a loaf of bread
$10? I don't check the prices, I just get what looks good.
7. a dvd movie
8. an ironing board
I have no idea what this costs.
9. a hair cut
$100 Yes, that's actually what I pay.
10. a magazine
$10 if it's an art or literature mag.