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Monday, December 22, 2003

How Do It Know?  
Personality Insights into Gift Giving for Libra
Libra rules the House of Partnership, which means they tend to be socially inclined and more interested in other people than themselves. Give your Libra something that reminds him/her of your relationship or friendships - perhaps a scrapbook of pictures of you two and your friends, or a small phone number organizer they can take with them anywhere. Another idea for your Libra is a good biography of someone famous to quell their intense interest in other people's lives. Don't forget that Libras, like Taureans, also appreciate beautiful and sensual things, so you can't go wrong with sweets, a massage, flowers or art. Lastly, Libra's like to look their best, so some make-up or a mirror would cater to their desires.

Suggestions for the perfect gift:

chocolates, books or magazine subscriptions, a massage or spa treatment, a manicure, a purse, a painting, a nice pen, a nice make-up mirror and bag, a biography on someone famous, a scrapbook for pictures of friends and family, flowers, a trivia game, a hot-air balloon ride, a picture frame

(All true, except for the hot-air balloon ride. Good in theory, but I'm deathly afraid of heights.)