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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

What the Fuck!?!  
There is some serious cosmic shit going down in my sector. I can only hope it's blown itself out by now.

Thursday: I received a shipment of wine. I ordered 3 bottles of one and 6 bottles of another. What's in the box are the correct 3 bottles, but the 6 bottles are the wrong kind. I emailed the company and they're going to ship the correct ones, but not until after the holiday (so it doesn't get hung up in a warehouse). Then I have to swap the bottles so they can arrange to have them call-tagged back.

Saturday: I had ordered 2 pairs of boots (same style, different sizes) and received them during the week, but didn't open the box until the weekend. The box looked a little small for having boots inside. Inside was the packing list for my order, but 2 pairs of black pumps (same style, different sizes) instead of my boots. Inside one of the shoeboxes was the packing list for those shoes. Some woman in New York is probably wondering where her shoes are. I emailed the company Monday; they're working on it and will get back to me.

Sunday: Went to the DooDah Parade. While waiting for it to start (very late as always) I noticed a man near me soliciting signatures for a petition to repeal SB60 (the bill that allows undocumented immigrants to obtain California drivers licenses). I started heckling him and we got in an argument. He really showed himself to be ignorant of the facts. He kept insisting that illegal immigrants don't pay taxes. Well, that's just patently false. After I started arguing with him, nobody else around would sign his petition and he walked off all flustered.

Monday: Had a test in Philosophy in which I had to write an essay on mystical experience and its significance regarding a sacred reality. Yeah, exactly. I was in an accident in the parking lot. I was just driving straight ahead in my lane and she cut across a line of cars and T-boned my car. She hit square on my rear axle, knocking my purse off the passenger seat and the battery out of my cell phone (which was in the purse). It was quite a jolt; I was pretty shaken up. To top it off, she's not insured. We exchanged information and I went to my test. It took me a long time to write my essay since my brains were scrambled. I was feeling sore on the left side of my neck, my left shoulder, and my mid-back when I got home. I took some ibuprofen and I feel okay today (knock on wood). Called my insurance company today to file the claim; will hear back from them Wednesday or Monday.

Today: Finally got in touch with our wedding photographer to schedule a time to pick up our finished prints. We've been playing advanced email/phone tag since Saturday. Settled on Friday morning, which means I'll have to send my husband to get them since I'll be cooking*. Woe unto me if I don't have those pictures for my family when they show up.

*We're having Thanksgiving Day at my parents' house. Friday we're having my parents, one of my sisters and her husband, my father-in-law, plus my sister-in-law, her husband and their little girl over for lunch. We had to settle for lunch instead of dinner because my mom works that night (she's a nurse).

Enough excitement! I want my peace back.