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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Well, I got my test back last night in Philosophy. I was right about probably doing fine. I got an A. There will be three more essay tests, including the final. I'm still a bit nervous, but getting more confident with each one. It was really only recently that I finally got the hang of writing. The first essay I wrote that I really felt good about was in my Political Science class, which I think was about a year ago. Before that my writing was just terribly stilted and the prospect of having to write caused me to lose sleep. I'm not sure what changed. I guess I just grew up. Well, that and practice, I suppose. Y'know, I think this little blog may have played a role in that. It's really good exercise writing little bits often. (Not so often lately, I know. I've been sick and busy, and then busy, and then sick again. blah blah blah)