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Thursday, November 13, 2003

Friday Five Follow-Up  
Another food I hate that most people love is ice cream. Actually, I don't really hate it, I just don't like it. It's too sweet and makes me cough. I'm not sure if it's the sugar or the cold that irritates my throat; maybe it's both. Sometimes I get a craving for ice cream, which I always give in to and never regret. My favorite ice cream flavor is rose. It's really hard to find; only a few places have it, and then only intermittently. I've never seen it in a market. Other ice creams I like with toppings or inclusions, but I always have rose ice cream plain.

When I was younger, high-school age, I used to eat rose petals. Someone gave me a rose and I started picking off the petals and eating them. I love the scent of roses and the feel of the petals. Red ones are the best, especially dark blood red. Since high school I've only eaten roses once. I had some friends over for dinner and I made quails with rose petals. It's a recipe from Like Water for Chocolate. It turned out pretty good; everyone liked it.