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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

A Bunch of Nothing  
Well, that didn't last long.

I haven't started on the 26 Things project yet. I've been pretty busy. We went to Dia de Los Muertos at the Ford Amphitheatre on Saturday. It rained Friday night, but fortunately cleared up Saturday. Still, it was pretty cold (by SoCal standards). It was soooo much fun. At one point most of the crowd were dancing in the aisles. I was, sadly, not among them. Hubby wouldn't dance, even though I kept shooting him alternately reproachful and pleading looks. *sigh* They sure looked like they were having fun.

We got in a fight over something else on Sunday, I forget what, so he bought me a bouquet of white tulips and purple irises. I love tulips. Monday I had Philosophy class; the teacher handed back our essay tests from last week. I got an A; on the test was written "interesting argument" and he said something like "really good work" when he handed it to me. We had another essay test that same night. I don't feel like I did as well on that one, but I probably did all right.

Last night I had Sociology class. She did a test review and we watched a video about war and aggression. For the last hour she had an optional in-class extra-credit assignment, which I don't need, so I left early and went to a poker game at a friend's place. I did pretty well, heh heh heh. Also it was my husband's birthday yesterday. 34 years old! Oh my. It's a bit strange eating cake at a poker game, I think because it doesn't go well with beer. Anyway for his birthday (and anniversary and Christmas) present I got us season tickets to the Ahmanson Theatre for La Boheme, Thoroughly Modern Millie, and The Royal Family. They cost less for subscription than if you bought them singly, so I went all out and got the best - Saturday evening, Orchestra or Mezzanine. Now I need a new dress.

Tonight my husband's dad is taking us out to birthday dinner at this place where a woman he knows performs. I ran out of razors Sunday. My husband went to the Sav-On but they were out of the ones I like and I sure as hell wasn't gonna cross no picket lines, so I went without. I haven't had time to run by the store since then, so I've been wearing pants all week. Well, I've run out of pants to wear (hey, I'm a skirts kinda gal) so I got to get my ass to the store tonight.