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Thursday, October 23, 2003

My Sociology test on Tuesday went well. I have an essay test in Philosophy on Monday. Only mildly anxious about it. Philosophy class is frustrating for me because the teacher has to go over the same material half a dozen times for the benefit of some people who just won't get it. It isn't that they can't get it; it's that they insist on acquiring no new knowledge. There's a basic concept they're not accepting, namely that we have paid this person to impart knowledge to us which we did not previously possess. It's perfectly fine to disagree with the teacher, once you have the knowledge and reasoning abilities to do so. Not before!

See, I'm paying for this and I want to get my money's worth. When these people make the teacher use class time to repeat the lesson, I'm not receiving any new knowledge. They are wasting my time and money. I've noticed in all my classes that this position is always held by males. I've never seen women do this. It's always the men who want to argue with the teacher because they don't agree. How can you not agree with a concept which you don't even understand? I'm not having a problem; I understand everything fine. That's why I'm getting the better grade. But it pisses me off to have to hear these idiots act like they have something intelligent to contribute.


Thanks for letting me vent.